Feb. 24th, 2014

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Our Vegas trip was nice and weird.

On the one hand our friend footed the bill on almost everything, which I would feel bad about if he didn't clearly have the money and once I saw how much he *loves* Vegas and just wanted to share it with people. But on the other hand, the conspicuous consumption and unnatural extravagance is just... weird.

I had found a deal on a room at the Mirage, but our friend loves the Venetian so much that he just said he would pay the difference in price (which he must have lied about because I heard him check out - we must have only paid the difference for *one* night). The room was amazing (two queen beds, sunken living room, tv in the bathroom) but oddly impractical (probably designed for bachelor parties? no locks on any doors, separate toilet, but you had to walk through bathroom with glass shower to get to it?) and after seeing some of the other casinos, I can see why our friend prefers the Venetian.

Our friend has been to Vegas over 20 times and loves the fake nature displays in the malls that connect all of the casinos - I was far from Zion, that's for sure. The store after store of expensive handbags just got tedious and I wished I had some free time to enjoy the spa at the hotel (I did get to the fitness room one morning - which was very impressive and nicer than many gyms I've been to - but I didn't get to use the sauna or pool or steam room).

He also paid for our tickets to see the Cirque de Coleil show "O" - which is good because he bought front row seats that Nick and I would never agree to buy. I did enjoy the show more than I thought I would (the updated idea of the circus, the athleticism, and even the misdirection of the choreography).

Afterwards we walked around. More. I did enjoy the "ice bar" that we went to, but by Friday night and further from the nicer hotels, things were getting pretty gross and I was happy when we got back to the hotel room and our friend wanted to play some poker while we went to bed. There's only so many yelling drunk people, half naked women dancing on bars, and couples getting in fights that a girl can handle. Maybe I'm just getting old. Get off my lawn!


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