Oct. 13th, 2014 02:38 pm
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The Move: We've booked a moving truck (even with gas for the truck and the car this was still the cheapest option and at least we'll have our stuff right away), are about to sign a lease on a 3 bedroom apartment in Albany (wood floors, pantry, dishwasher, front porch, built ins, good neighborhood, previous tenant was there 9 years), and have started packing things up here.

Work: Sent my latest chapter off to my advisor and it was returned with reasonable edits (I'm very happy with this one, it's a turning point in the dissertation's argument) and my boss is very sad to see me go at Ancestry. One of the things I've enjoyed about that job is the performance monitoring they do - you can check your productivity daily and compare it to your squad, team, shift, and other shifts. Unlike grad school, which leaves you constantly wondering how you are doing, I know that I am one of their top performing workers (images per hour, QC disagreements, amount of time actively working in programs), even after only 90 days on the job.

Utah: Last weekend we went down to Arches again and did a backcountry trip in Canyonlands. Nick's old roommate had flown out to go with us and it was a little bit of an adjustment for him to do desert hiking (no peak to conquer or even trail to stick to - just explore!) but I think he ended up really enjoying it and appreciating nature more than he usually does camping. (It was also sort of funny to realize I am now in better shape than Jason, when he kept trailing behind us. Back in Yellowstone a few years back I was always the last person up the hill)

Jason imitating Edward Abbey:

Taking our packs off for a few minutes - about to descend into the Canyonlands - our destination is that bend in the river behind us, about a 21 miles round trip. It was nice to have a third person around to take photos of the two of us!

The descent mostly occurred here, at this rock slide (looking back up it). We descended 995' in .95 miles over dozens of switchbacks. Gorgeous views.

Looking back at where we had descended.

Taking a break on the way back up, with a view of Airport Tower and our hiking buddy. <3 Utah.
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The beginning of the school year with no classes or teaching is weird. I *LOVE* back to school time. I roam the aisles at Target, lust after stationary, and consider getting a new planner even though I use my phone for everything now. In lieu of these joys I spent yesterday planning my semester on my google calender. Some of these are goals and some are definites, but I thrive with activity and schedules so I'm shooting high and see where I land!

I work Tues-Thurs at WTS from 9-1. Nice extra money and keep my profile there to up my hours again next summer. I've advanced quickly there and they are going to have me do in-office work for the Fall.

I have a fellowship and feel really great about the research I've done this summer. I still need to figure out how to get funding to get to the National Archives, but those grants aren't up until early next year, so I'm hoping Judy will let me start writing without that data yet. The Scarlet Fever, TB, and Rheumatic Fever chapters are well rounded in material and I have some nice leads in Chicago for Polio stuff. The department is paying for me to go to both HSS and AAHM this year, but I won't be presenting. Clark wants to start a dissertator group, meeting in the library one afternoon a week, which even if I'm not writing will be helpful for citation maintenance.

Now that we are moved and I have a set schedule, this was where I went to town with plans. I now live right around the corner from a really nice gym, so I signed up with the new member student discount yesterday. I can go to the UW gym as part of my fees as well. So, my plan is:

Mondays: Run in the AM (either on treadmill at new gym where they have individual tv's! or the track on campus, which I prefer to treadmill running if I can't run outside)

Tuesdays: Either strength training class on campus or yoga at new gym depending on how I feel when I wake up. The proximity of the gym is tempting for cold mornings or when I have to bring a lot to campus because I can return home and shower there instead of bringing in my street clothes. Tuesday evenings I rock climb with Dianna.

Wednesdays: Run

Thursdays: Strength Training or Yoga in AM (they have 6AM yoga classes at the new gym!) and ultimate frisbee at night.

Fridays: Run (maybe an occasional core crunch class at the campus gym with Nick in the afternoon - he is not the early riser).

Saturdays: Yoga at Perfect Knot

Sunday: Rest.

My goals aren't weight or clothing sizes, but feeling good and sticking to a productive schedule. I do want to run Crazy Legs (8k) in the spring (I can run 8k already, but as a perfectionist I want to also have a good time) and work toward running a half marathon next year. All of this means being at the gym longer, since running twice as far means running twice as long! I really felt my best physically when I was doing yoga three times a week so that is a big goal too. I was also running regularly then, so I know all of this is doable - the summer just throws off my schedule with so much ultimate frisbee and traveling.

But mostly it is the mind-body connection - when I am on an exercise schedule I am more productive in other areas of my life - I have more energy, I even feel like I have more time, and I feel good. This is the beginning of the end of my graduate career and Nick and I are trying to coordinate our graduation, so we are trying to help each other and support each other in our respective needs. Now that we live together we feel less stressed with finding free time for each other so we feel like we are ready for this stage :)

This morning's yoga class? I got to watch the sun rise out the 4th floor window :)
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I saw this article in the Wall Street Journal the other day and found it highly amusing...

For Cubicle Workers: Not Too Good-Looking But a Good Cuddler: The Office Sweater )


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