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On Thursday we had to say goodbye to Yoshimi. Her spirits were still very good, but she had started hiding more, and was clearly uncomfortable. With a long, hot, holiday weekend coming up we decided that it was time to enact the "a week early is better than a day late" policy.

We spent that night and the next morning with her and then had a pretty awful experience at the vet. Our Vet is amazing, but everything that could go wrong went wrong. Yoshimi didn't go through any more pain than she would have if they had gone right, but we ended up having to give her an injection right into her heart because she tore up a vet tech that tried to insert her catheter and the sedative didn't work.

Nick has been my rock in all this - his counsel, opinion, support, and affection for Yoshimi made me feel like I wasn't alone in this. And, for once, I think that the fact that we took her home for a few weeks was a very good idea - we all enjoyed that time immensely.

In the meantime, we still don't know what is wrong with our house and are waiting for autopsy results to give us a better idea. They say they will be very thorough, but it may take up to three weeks for test results. In the meantime, it is very sad living in a house without cats - except for living in the dorms for two years, I have always lived with cats. The house is lonely and quiet and cold. But, we can't, in good conscious get any more pets while we live here.

Yoshimi has really really grown to like this string:

And she's always loved these windows:

And she has recently really enjoyed this window seat:

Nick took this timed shot when I was at work:

This is Yoshimi's original adoption sheet - she was supposedly named "Brenda" - this is what she thinks of that:

Being mischievous:

At the vet :(

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Apparently Yoshimi gained almost a pound when we checked at her last office visit (when the tech brought her out to me she said half a pound but when the vet called later with the blood panel results she said almost a whole pound)! Also, her blood work continues to improve. The vet said I can come back in 6-8 weeks and if she seems like she's doing well not to bother and just email her so that she knows that's why.

She still never leaves my room and won't even use the litter box if it's in my bathroom, so I'm facing the possibility of the next nine months with a litter box next to my desk and a room that constantly smells like a litter box. The fact that I still lock Calvin and Yoshimi in my room if I'm going to be gone long doesn't help since it's now freezing cold and I won't be opening a window for about 6 months. Crazy cat lady, I am.

Her wounds are healing (she had a really, really nasty gash on her neck - pretty much an eraser size piece of skin ripped clear off - the tube insertion point, on the other hand, healed practically overnight) but her hair is stubborn about growing back.

She still sleeps with me every night and if she's cold she cuddles right up to my side. She played with a sunbeam the other day and really likes her belly rubbed. Most of the day she sits next to the big radiator staying warm.
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Who is the most adorable kitty ever and gained 1/2 a pound? Yoshimi, that's who!

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At my party on Friday night Yoshimi took a liking to [ profile] antarcticlust's vest (and at one point was literally covered by coats), so much so that [ profile] antarcticlust couldn't bear to take it away from her. This is what I came home to last night (Monday). She's yawning, by the way.

hee hee

Oct. 19th, 2010 02:01 pm
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Yoshimi's internist is off rounds this week so I've been emailing her about Yoshimi's status. This most recent email is adorable:

"I'm off clinics but would love it if you could have me paged so I can come down and check on Yoshimi (I haven't seen her in over 48 hours- hee hee)."

She continues to eat every our or so and is downright frisky! She's talkative and playful!


Oct. 17th, 2010 11:09 am
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Last night:

This morning:

Trying to not get my hopes up, as she is still making the weird noise when she eats and takes a long time eating every kibble, but she has been going back to the dish quite a bit since around 1:30 AM and is in good spirits (after the first trip back she went under her chair and I called her over and she happily jumped up on the bed and did so after every visit to the food dish after that). I wish she would eat the wet food - it's maximum calorie and easier to eat - but she doesn't even glance at it when I put it down.
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This evening, while just starting to feed Yoshimi, she ejected her feeding tube - all of it. Went to the emergency room and we decided to leave it out this weekend and see what happens. At least they didn't charge me for the visit.

I also have the flu. Had to take a muscle relaxer last night just to sleep, my body ached so much.
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I brought Yoshimi in again today. Her feeding tube was definitely dislodged in some way, explaining her irritation and vomiting. They took her off the medicine that has making her vomit and switched her to a more fattening food. I'm waiting to hear on the blood panel. At this point, my hope is that without the Denamarin, I can feed her more and more often and get her weight up and then we can take the tube out and hold our breath. If she doesn't resume eating, I have to consider putting her to sleep...


Oct. 5th, 2010 01:07 pm
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Sep. 27th, 2010 11:32 pm
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Sep. 24th, 2010 12:18 am
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Okay, I have other thoughts on having a great time in my climbing class (such wonderfully supportive teammates - can't wait to see them in the gym!), I got a shitton of work done on my dissertation today (a useful and well timed exercise in why you need deadlines), and I'm really looking forward to getting away for 36 hours this weekend with Greg and Nick (just like ol' times :), but right now... I feel like I am trying to convince my cat to live :(

She's still not eating on her own, she's losing weight rather than gaining, and she's just never been *that* kind of cat. She's always been... aloof and spartan and not affectionate. I feel like with Calvin, I know what to do, that affection works, that he wants to be here with me. With Yoshimi... I feel like... I don't know :(

And at the same time, she's a love. She's transforming into an affectionate cat. Who wouldn't with a feeding tube and constant attention?

And then she flicks her tail and me and it breaks my heart. That's how we picked her, flicking her tail in her humane society crate...

I want to speak to her and have her listen and tell her and have her hear me that I love her more than anything and want to live with her forever and ever. Because I do!
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Yoshimi has added the tail to her pose:

And this is the look she gives me when I put her back in the crate:

And she has taken to rattling the cage bars with her feeding tube:

Things are slowly, slowly improving. She hasn't peed outside the box since Sunday and has only thrown up twice in the past week and both were very small (quarter size) watery vomits. I have heard her eating kibble for the past four nights (although it must just be one or two pieces, because the bowl isn't going down) and while she is still weak, she isn't wobbly anymore.

She has another check up on Tuesday, but I am hopeful that I can escape for two nights next weekend for camping. I've been able to get some work done now that I have my netbook back and have incorporated a few things back into my schedule (running! yoga!) and escaped the house a few times to visit with friends. Next week will be an experiment in getting actual research done.

Last night we did bouldering - ouch! Bouldering is climbing without a harness and looks desceptively easy because you stay pretty low and I think most people think climbing is about height. You spend at leat 75% of your time bouldering staring at the wall and talking to people, working out the problem. You can really see the difference in how men and women climb when you watch people bouldering - men power up with upper body strength, women move more gracefully and use their lower body strength:

Woman showing the basics:

Man powering through (but with some nice moves):
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Yoshimi's new home:

It took Calvin exactly one evening to figure out how to get to her food in there (crawling around the back and into the bookcase), but I found an old poster frame and blocked the back so he can't get to it. Not peeing on my bed - priceless. The decoration hanging on the cage? Greg got me that on his last business trip - I thought it was fitting.

This is her signature move.



Sep. 5th, 2010 01:20 pm
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She was shaved for her ultrasound:

They decorated her bandages with little leaves!

These are all her medications, food, syringes, instructions, bills, and what not:

And this is her feeding/medication schedule:

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Just talked to the vet and Yoshimi has improved neurologically (but is still ataxic) and is off some of the meds. Her ultrasound showed an obstruction but an x-ray didn't reveal any blockages, but did show a shunt, so they have adjusted her meds for that. She is scheduled for the feeding tube insertion tomorrow morning and depending on how she recovers from that I may be able to take her home tomorrow night. I can give her the meds and food through the tube, so I can't wait to get her home.

Thanks to everyone that has offered support - emotional and practical - and shared their own stories - it all helps a lot.

Yoshimi :(

Aug. 31st, 2010 10:46 am
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I woke up around 2:15 last night when I heard Yoshimi crawl out from under the bed. Things didn't sound right, so I turned the light on - she wasn't walking right and looked confused. I pet her a while and then she lay down in my closet. A few minutes later she got up again and became increasing confused and distressed. We got a community car and brought her to the emergency room at 3:45. They diagnosed her with Feline Hepatic Lipidosis. Essentially she hasn't been eating since [ profile] janusnori's cats moved in and since cats have evolved to be lean they don't have the enzyme needed to process fat in their livers (which is where is starts to get stored when they go into starvation mode).

They just called and she'll be there another night at least. She'll get an ultrasound later today and a more permanent feeding tube (inserted into her esophagus instead of through the mouth) tomorrow morning. They said they are concerned that she is still not responding well neurologically, which is probably due to poisoning from the toxins in her liver, which is why they are waiting a little and getting more nutrients into her until they take the next step.

I feel awful. I knew she wasn't doing well, but thought she just had to get adjusted to the new living situation. I've been gone a lot (Campbellsport and camping), so I haven't been here for her. I still don't know how to fix the primary cause of the problem. And of course the whole thing is costing thousands of dollars. Otherwise, Nick is keeping me sane.


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