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Nick just got around to posting some of our Apostle Islands photos - gosh my hair is long!

I look a little nervous here...

Probably because it was a little treacherous!

But we were prepared :)

This particular hike was either 4.5 or 8 miles, depending on who you asked. This caterpillar indicated the latter.

But we finally found our campsite and enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the beach.

And the next morning found it covered in these guys!

On our return I indicated my displeasure at the poor signage.

And then we went back to town and had an amazing breakfast!


Jan. 24th, 2013 02:58 pm
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Baby, it's been cold in Wisconsin this week, which is a great excuse to stay inside and be productive and write.

I also started teaching this week and boy did I miss it! So far, my Spring schedule has been working out really well, with huge chunks for writing. I told my second job I couldn't work for them this semester and, while I will miss the extra money, I am already loving having that time and energy back for myself. They are nice people to work with, but I was starting to feel under-appreciated and resentful. I left on good terms and will offer to sub and plan on going back in the summer, but this break will be nice.

I started taking a strength training class at my gym that I think is a good fit for me - just challenging enough, a good time of day, and hopefully will prove to be good cross-training for climbing, running, and frisbee. It's called BodyPump and according to folks on forums it burns around 300 calories in a one hour session, while still being focused on weights rather than cardio. It's at 7:30 in the morning and I'm not so tired after it that I can't go for a run too. It's also on my "Stay At Home" day, so it gets me up and energized early.

Oh, and speaking of climbing - I've been working on incorporating 5.9s into my weekly routine. I can't do every 5.9, but the easier ones or the ones that clearly weren't set by someone 6 feet tall (I miss the days when the gym marked who set what, so you could avoid the routes set by unimaginative tall setters). A good route setter should make it so there is more than one way to do a route (for example, short people tend to have smaller hands and can often use foot holds as hand holds, where as taller people with bigger hands can not - so there is no reason to not set foot holds strategically so you can do a route in more than one way). Anyway, I rarely even do 5.7s anymore (usually just when it's so busy there aren't many options) and can do every 5.8 in the gym... eventually :)

Snow Day!

Dec. 21st, 2012 08:58 am
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Nick got back from Boulder (again) just in time to experience our Snow Storm. We spent yesterday walking around, snuggling, and catching up on some dvds.

king of the mountain

Snow Couple
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On Saturday morning Nick and I are going Up North (as Wisconsinites like to say) to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan and the Apostle Islands of Northern Wisconsin for a long backcountry trip to celebrate our three year anniversary.

We are roughly following this route in the Porcupine Mountains (four days, three nights), which will includes waterfalls, Lake Superior, three peaks, and a mountain lake (The Lake of the Clouds), hopefully all during nice Fall color.

The route should cover about 40 miles:

Then we are going to drive three hours over to the Apostle Islands for another few nights - hopefully one or two of which on the islands where they have just one campsite per island. You have to kayak out to them and the waters of Lake Superior can be very choppy, especially in mid-September, but we're hoping we can check out the sea caves:

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Newport State Park, Door County, Wisconsin - October 2011.

Fall is in full swing, as we hike the almost 2 miles in to our campsite:

Our campsite was right on the beach and we arrived at sunset:

The next morning:

More foliage:

We hiked out along Lake Michigan:

and picked up some Door County souvenirs on the way home the next day:

10 hours of driving for 20 hours of camping, but totally worth it.


Sep. 25th, 2011 10:45 am
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Yesterday Scott, Megan, Adam, Stacey, Nick and I went applepicking...

It was very useful to be tall:


They had many different varieties. I think I ended up with Empire, Jasper, Gala, Golden Delicious, Haralson, Jonafree, and Red Max:

There were also raspberries, which Nick was very excited about:

Much baking is in my future :)

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My boyfriend sends me sexy pictures:

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Hey, [personal profile] antarcticlust, do you dare me to post this on [community profile] madisonwi?

City of Madison, Wisconsin 

City of Madison News Release

For Immediate Release:
Mar 20, 2007

Implications for Proposed State-wide Smoking Ban

Madison, WI, Tuesday, March 20, 2007

When Madison's smoke-free workplace ordinance passed into law in September of 2005, there were concerns that it would harm the local hospitality industry. Evidence to date suggests that, while some establishments have been adversely impacted, the industry as a whole continues to grow and do well. Moreover, indoor air quality has improved dramatically with measurable benefits to the public's health.


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Madison, Wis., Named 'Most Walkable'

MADISON, Wis. (AP) - With the thermometer hovering at 22, and the wind ripping off a frozen Lake Mendota, Rink DaVee and his brother Jim decided to take a stroll. And why not? After all, according to a recent top 10 list, there's no better place in the country for walking than the capital city of a state known more for cheese and beer than exercising.
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It's true. I've never seen a city like this - where you see just as many people outside in the winter as in the summer.
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On the Trail of Wisconsin’s Icy Past
By STEPHEN REGENOLD, The New York Times, October 27, 2006

Great white sheets of glacial ice commandeering land is the perpetual and age-old story of the North. The comings and goings of recent ice ages — the last one retreating from mid-North America 10,000 years ago — were rapid-fire Pleistocene calamities in the creaking eons of geologic time.

Today, the aftereffects of all that drifting ice are revealed in landscapes from Montana to Maine, a ubiquitous mishmash of moraines, tussled stone, talus, deep valleys, lakes, rushing rivers, ridgelines and bedrock scraped bare.

But in few places is the power of global climate change celebrated as it is in Wisconsin, where the Ice Age National Scenic Trail was established by Congress in 1980 to tell the story of the recent icy past via the educational medium of a hiking trail.

When completed, the Ice Age Trail will snake more than 1,000 miles through the state, winding in and out of deep woods, tracking glacial features and connecting hundreds of trailheads from the shores of the Green Bay to the Minnesota border.

“Wisconsin is a microcosm of the effects of recent ice ages,” said Mike Prichard, a retired lawyer from St. Paul who is on the board of the nonprofit Ice Age Park & Trail Foundation.
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I've lived in three states in my life - two of which granted civil rights to gay citizens - I really hope these bans are not just voted down, but start a trend in the other direction.

A Fair Wisconsin Votes No

Gay Marriage Losing Punch as Ballot Issue
By KIRK JOHNSON, The New York Times, October 14, 2006

DENVER, Oct. 13 — The debate over same-sex marriage was a black-or-white proposition two years ago when voters in 11 states barred gay couples from marrying.

But this year shades of gray are everywhere, as eight more states consider similar ballot measures. Some of the proposed bans are struggling in the polls, and the issue of same-sex marriage itself has largely failed to rouse conservative voters.
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