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1. Sadly, we had to reschedule our trip down to Arches and Canyonlands due to Nick's frisbee injury (cracked rib or torn muscle - just not getting better). Hiking would be fine, but sleeping on the hard ground might exacerbate it.

2. So instead, we are going to get some more work done (new chapter for me, second article for him) and take a break to see Jodorowsky's Dune at the local film society. Maybe a hike on Sunday out to one of the Great Salt Lake islands (Saturday is supposed to be rainy and gross).

3. I scored a great point in frisbee last night - diving catch of an upside down disc by the fingertips - best score of the game if I do say so myself :)

4. I think I might do some gardening today :)

5. I made a YouTube playlist of my half-marathon setlist:

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Inspired by a recent conversation with [ profile] loreofcure I've been thinking about how one of the things about planning a second wedding after divorce is realizing how our culture is so ashamed of divorce.

People seem shocked that I happily admit that I've done this all before - should I sound bitter? Should I pretend it didn't happen? Should I pretend that I'm not infinitely happier now and that divorce was ultimately a good thing for me?

Half of American marriages end in divorce - why do we pretend like it doesn't happen?

It would be healthier if we were less ashamed and more proud - that experience made me who I am and I'm happier with myself than I've ever been. Why should I be ashamed of surviving that, learning from it, and being more sure of myself and what I want from a relationship?

Also, god help me if someone buys us picture frames as a wedding gift.
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What a perfect weekend! Instead of going out to see a movie, we decided to stay in on Friday night - which was just the right decision. We are watching Community from the library, which lends you the entire season at a time, not just single discs! Cozy and relaxing.

Saturday morning I went and got an amazing pedicure at a local spa, thanks to a gift certificate from [ profile] antarcticlust. On the way back (it's conveniently just about a mile away), I saw some trash on the curb that included these signs from someone's wedding. It's the kind of detail I wouldn't bother with for our wedding, except they were free, so I grabbed them!

Found signs

To top it off, when I got home my wedding dress arrived! It's perfect - just like the picture and fits great. I'll just take the waist in a little before the wedding so that it shows off my figure more. I wasn't sure about shoes until I got it (ballet flats? heels? retro?) and these will be perfect with the tea length of the gown:

Later we explored some of City Creek Canyon, which is just about a mile away from us - the road is only open to cars certain days of the year, so it's mostly cyclists and walkers. We took the trail that runs parallel to the road 3 miles up and then walked back on the road - with the ups and downs of the trail it was almost 7 miles round trip. Not difficult, but beautiful scenery, with what foliage Utah has to offer and snow in the distant mountains.


City Creek Canyon

We got home and I was able to watch the Red Sox game that I had recorded. I was also cat sitting Oink this weekend, who continues to be objectively adorable.

Oink at the faucet

And yesterday I went for a 5 mile run in the morning - beautifully chilly weather for running - and then we went to a bar we hadn't tried yet to watch football. We found a nice section of the bar, where they put the Patriots on one tv, the Packers on the other, and some Saints fans were watching the third. My first Bloody Mary in SLC (and they free pour - pretty rare here!) and a 9.00 buffet for me to eat ALL THE PROTEIN after my run. Came home to take a nap and relax some more.

Now. Back to work!
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I broke down and joined Pinterest. I'm trepidatious because I can see how it could feed into envy rather than inspiration. I believe strongly in being content with what you have rather than frustrating your life with wanting things beyond your means or values. BUT, it seems like it might be useful for wedding planning - so here I go!

Speaking of, if you are on there, feel free to give me some input on some wedding dress ideas. I'm feeling very uninspired right now (and it's not like I have to decide any time soon, either).
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Don't get me wrong, I enjoy attending a nice wedding as much as the next girl (this post is not about *your* wedding or *your* choices), but the more I think about planning *my* wedding the more entrenched against the Wedding Industrial Complex TM I feel. I have found myself almost irrationally recoiling from anything that has become a wedding "tradition."

Of course I believe that getting married is a big deal and I want to have a party to celebrate it with friends and family, but the immense pressure that people place on themselves to follow all the rules and rituals just don't seem like a true celebration of love, but of consumerism and conformity.

But the Wedding Industrial Complex TM is so insidious that even the websites and books I've looked at that are about having an affordable, non-traditional wedding still lay the pressure on thick. For example, the description of this book, about having a 2,000 wedding, starts with "How you and your partner plan your wedding can set a precedent for how you will be as a family." Because, you know, no pressure to make it perfect AND cheap AND define you as a human being or a couple. A DIY wedding just sounds like more work, more pressure, and ends up being a handmade version of all the same old wedding rituals.

I refuse to be defined as a person by my wedding.


Feb. 19th, 2013 02:00 pm
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The past few days have been so nice. Both of us have enjoyed all the many congratulations we've received and conversations with people about the engagement. Everyone is so happy for us and love the proposal story. We've gotten phone calls, emails, texts, facebook messages, and even song dedications - they are all so sweet. I didn't realize how much fun it would be!

My friend Kelly gave me a great piece of advice - wait until the shiny afterglow wears off before even thinking about all the pesky planning (which, I'm not really looking forward to, which I fear may come as a disappointment to some of my loved ones!)


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