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Apr. 11th, 2011 06:29 pm
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This was the song (as in, an actual Youtube video of the show we were at) that Nick made sure to pick me up so I could see better - the man knows my love of experimental guitar!

The performance of this song was probably the most transformative, however - it went from a song I skip on the album to my favorite (sadly, the coolest part - the guitarist singing the electronic chorus is made invisible by the angle of the light from the balcony - he sorta looks like Cocoon or something - but at one point he jumped into the audience and let them sing):

Also - at the end of that song you hear them say that Chicago was the best stop on the tour :)
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Yoshimi has added the tail to her pose:

And this is the look she gives me when I put her back in the crate:

And she has taken to rattling the cage bars with her feeding tube:

Things are slowly, slowly improving. She hasn't peed outside the box since Sunday and has only thrown up twice in the past week and both were very small (quarter size) watery vomits. I have heard her eating kibble for the past four nights (although it must just be one or two pieces, because the bowl isn't going down) and while she is still weak, she isn't wobbly anymore.

She has another check up on Tuesday, but I am hopeful that I can escape for two nights next weekend for camping. I've been able to get some work done now that I have my netbook back and have incorporated a few things back into my schedule (running! yoga!) and escaped the house a few times to visit with friends. Next week will be an experiment in getting actual research done.

Last night we did bouldering - ouch! Bouldering is climbing without a harness and looks desceptively easy because you stay pretty low and I think most people think climbing is about height. You spend at leat 75% of your time bouldering staring at the wall and talking to people, working out the problem. You can really see the difference in how men and women climb when you watch people bouldering - men power up with upper body strength, women move more gracefully and use their lower body strength:

Woman showing the basics:

Man powering through (but with some nice moves):
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Looking douchey at a cave I was too claustrophobic to enter:

Enjoying nature (I think Nick was enjoying something else):

Our tent companions:

Some videos I finally uploaded from the Spring Break Road Trip:

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Mar. 10th, 2010 10:17 am
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This year the UPA College Championships will be here in Madison. Spring league is a few weeks away. I've spent the morning watching Ultimate Frisbee videos on Youtube :)


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