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or; the Whale?

Flooding in Vermont:

Wind damage in Vermont:

Jamie and Susannah's wedding :)

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Thanks to [ profile] sasha_feather for sending this my way. It's so interesting. As a Vermonter I sort of intuitively get both the concern for ancient roads and the importance of "public access." The article frames it as an issue of tourism (cross country skiers, snowmobilers, etc.), but it's also an issue of the size of property lots in the state - access is often an issue regardless of historical landmarks. I mean, my parents had people shoot guns across their lawn in protest of putting up "no trespassing" signs. On the other hand, Vermonters highly value property rights. I used to joke when civil unions were passed that Vermonters value property values so much it extends to issues like that - "do whatever you want on your own property." I also just love "ghosts on the landscape."

Vermont Towns Try to Find Their Roads Less Traveled
By ABBY GOODNOUGH, The New York Times, April 11, 2008

WOODSTOCK, Vt. — In the slow-paced towns of Vermont, musty archive vaults are getting a curious amount of foot traffic this year.

With magnifying glasses to decode old handwriting and tissues for dust-induced sneezing, citizen volunteers are poring over record books with a common, increasingly urgent purpose: finding evidence of every road ever legally created in their towns, including many that are now impassable and all but unobservable.

The point is to comply with a 2006 state law that gives Vermont’s cities and towns until early next year to identify all their “ancient roads.” At that point, they can add the elusive roads to official town maps, ensuring that they remain public, or turn them over to owners of adjoining land.

Unlike many other states, where towns automatically forfeit rights to roads that go unused for years, Vermont requires that they remain public until formally discontinued. That has brought fights between towns and landowners whose property abuts or even intersects ancient roads, with the towns eager to preserve public access for outdoor pursuits and the owners seeking clear titles and privacy.
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Vermont Island Features Oldest Coral Reef
By WILSON RING, Associated Press, October 21, 2006

To the uninitiated, the flat rock slabs found across the center of this island at the northern end of Lake Champlain appear to be nothing more than giant stones.

But the rocks offer a history of the last half billion years of this area, which was washed by a warm equatorial sea and saw long-extinct plants and animals congregate in what is believed to be the earliest ancestor of modern coral reefs.
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A vermont bookstore that stands up for their customer's right to privacy and stands up to the evil Patriot Act.


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