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Another successful Halloween Party!

She's just drawn bad:

The Color Purple and the Joker

Me and Bob Ross:


Me and Marion Ravenwood:

Jabba's Palace:

Patrick took a break from returning some videotapes to take a picture with me:

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[ profile] janusnori's birthday party was a smashing success:

Last night I went to [ profile] nutopian's boyfriend's birthday party, where I played (and won) my first beer pong game.

After power flow yoga this morning (side bow? really?) I knit and watched some Project Runway (season 6) and am now blocking the sweater!

Now, off to frisbee!
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We cornholed, climbed trees, threw around the glow in the dark frisbee, grilled, got rained on, and drank and smoked too much, but we didn't forget what we were celebrating... and that's that a bunch of aristocratic slave-owning white males didn't want to pay their taxes:

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My eyes are probably my most complimented feature and have been my whole life. My pale skin and darker hair help accentuate them, but so does white clothing and blue jewelry.

I recently dyed my hair (well, Stephen did as a birthday present, but you get the idea) and interestingly enough I realized I liked it better before (gray and all) - which is a good realization because dying my hair is certainly something that got cut out of the budget, along with a car and cable, as unnecessary expenses. The dye just flattens everything out - I liked the natural variation before.

I took this picture two years ago to show off the necklace that my friend Nayad made me for my birthday, but you get the idea: white shirt, blue necklace - hello eyes!

Stephen also magically made my hair curly (last summer), so here's a comparison for the hair (today):

And the whole outfit for today:

Shoes: Keen hiking boots
Jeans: Michael Kors
Shirt: Old Navy
Necklace: Some hippie store back in Vermont
Earrings: Some craft fair back in Vermont
Ring: Art Gecko
Watch: Tokyo Bay

I have to walk two miles to campus today (well, I could take the bus, but it's gorgeous out) since I left my bike there yesterday due to the rain, so I thought it would be a great day to break in my hiking boots more (we're off to Yellowstone State park this weekend). I love these Michael Kors jeans - so comfortable, nice wash, and, well, they make my ass look great. This is a new shirt, one of the rare finds that are thin and light enough for summer, but not quite see-through. I just recently re-discovered this necklace, so I'm excited to break it out :)

I'm going to a girlfriend's birthday party tonight with Nick so the outfit is also easy to convert to nighttime with some cute shoes.
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Nick has been crazy busy getting his thesis formatted to be deposited (two years later...) so he hasn't posted any pictures from the Birthday Bash yet, but Stephen just did:

I believe he is either pointing to the birthday girl or the wonderful job he did on my hair - or he's just drunk, Emily certainly is. What you can't tell is that my dress ends right at the bottom of the picture margin... but don't worry, I'll still post a separate "Dress Your Best" entry later with today's outfit.

This makes up for getting soaked on the bike ride in to the gym this morning :)


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