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1. Sadly, we had to reschedule our trip down to Arches and Canyonlands due to Nick's frisbee injury (cracked rib or torn muscle - just not getting better). Hiking would be fine, but sleeping on the hard ground might exacerbate it.

2. So instead, we are going to get some more work done (new chapter for me, second article for him) and take a break to see Jodorowsky's Dune at the local film society. Maybe a hike on Sunday out to one of the Great Salt Lake islands (Saturday is supposed to be rainy and gross).

3. I scored a great point in frisbee last night - diving catch of an upside down disc by the fingertips - best score of the game if I do say so myself :)

4. I think I might do some gardening today :)

5. I made a YouTube playlist of my half-marathon setlist:

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Better late than never? Finally got around to making my "Best of 2013 Mix" and I'm going to try distributing it via Dropbox this year. If you are interested you can download it here. If you don't already have a dropbox account it is free and we both get extra storage space if you sign up.

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Last night Nick and I went out to see Tim Kasher - our first real show in Salt Lake (MGMT was a free outdoor concert, so I don't really count that). Kasher is the frontman of Cursive and The Good Life and his new solo album, Adult Film (Check it out here) came out yesterday. I've been a fan of his for a while, first seeing him in Boston about a decade ago, and I think he is a dedicated performer and artist.

It was a great show - only the third on their tour, at a small venue with only about 50-60 people in attendance, a lot of crowd interaction, some old songs in with some good new ones, and Kasher stayed after to talk to every fan who wanted to talk. In fact, when it came time to do the encore - when the band usually walks off stage and makes you clap for them to come back while they chug a beer - he said "this is the part when we're supposed to pretend like we're done and you clap for us to come back, but how about I just stay up here and tell you a story about making the album?"

My favorite part was his performance of "The Recluse," a Cursive song that really strikes a chord with me. It is typically a faster song, but he performed it on an organ with just a moog accompanying him.

A fan in Denver recorded it the other day (our crowd also sang along):

For comparison, here is a Cursive performance of it from Feburary, 2013:

With such a small crowd it wasn't hard to get the set list and Nick actually grabbed it from the bassist (who seemed quite flattered) before I could get one. The crowd didn't seem too into getting them, so I pointed at it and said to a guy in the front row "dude, you should grab that," which he did. We chatted with Tim a bit - I told him how memorable each time I've seen him had been and he actually remembered his last show in Madison, when a very drugged out girl got on stage and he very nicely let her stay a little while and then helped her off. Then he signed my set list :)

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Suzette's Pulp Fiction party was quite fun... in fact... we got a noise violation!

Pulp Fiction

Yesterday I entered a contest to win tickets to see Best Coast at the Majestic (it was the UW student music committee - they posted "Best Coast's two LP's feature two different animals on the covers - a cat on the first, a bear on the second. If you had to pick an animal to feature on the cover of your band's album, what would you pick and why?" I answered "A Red Panda, because they are objectively adorable:"

I was getting ready for bed at 9:45 - contacts out, jammies on, ready for an early night to bed since I'd been up late the night before - when I checked FB to see who won. Well, apparently it was *ME* - so I got dressed and ran up in the pouring rain to get there just in time to see them!

Best Coast

It was a nice show - the band was a little reserved at first, but then the crowd vibe loosened them up. Speaking of which, I've never seen so many young women at a show since The Donnas. On the way home I texted Nick, who was working late, "I'm the cutest girl in the room. You know why?" and he replied, "because you got the setlist?" (we joke that I always get it because I'm a cute girl and he doesn't because... he's not.

It's joined our other setlists:

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Finally finished the best of 2011 mix - who wants a copy? Comments screened so you can post your address.

1. Relax - Das Racist
2. Romance - Wild Flag
3. Lonely Boy - The Black Keys
4. Not Enough - J Mascis
5. Benediction - Thurston Moore
6. Barely Legal - Real Estate
7. Alex - Girls
8. Montezuma - Fleet Foxes
9. Santa Fe - Beirut
10. Oblivion - Grimes
11. Need You Now - Cut Copy
12. Tripped an Fell In Love - Yacht
13. Polish Girl - Neon Indian
14. Killin the Vibe - Ducktails
15. Green Aisles - Real Estate
16. Dreamin'- The Twerps
17. I Walked - Sufjan Stevens
18. Midnight City - M83
19. Eyes Be Closed - Washed Out
20. French Exit - The Antlers
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Love is All I Am – Dawes
Listen to Me – J Mascis
I am A Scientist – Guided by Voices
Fourth of July – Galaxie 500
Saturday – Built to Spill
48 – Sunny Day Real Estate
Got It – Sebadoh
Car Song – Elastica
Starbright Boy – Bis
Love's Theme – Pizzicato Five
Micro Mini Cool – Takaka Minekawa
Honey Bunny – Girls
Ring of Fire – June Carter Cash
Gotta Get up Every Morning – Junior Brown
Hotel Yorba – The White Stripes
Hey You – Dean Wareham
Together – The Raconteurs
Nowhere Lullaby – Built to Spill
Devoted to You – Rose Melberg
Wouldn't It Be Nice – The Beach Boys
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I've finally put the finishing touches on my best of 2010 mix. Some of these tracks aren't necessarily my favorite on the album but ones that I think will hook people on the album if they heard. I also couldn't fit Girl Talk on here, but it will be prominently featured in my New Years Eve mix :)

If you would like a copy please leave a comment with your name and address here. Comments screened, will unscreen non-address comments.
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She fell in love with a boy
Who spoke a second language
And who lived across the ocean
In the evil empire

He awoke her sleeping heart
And swept away the darkness
An acute fear of flying
Couldn't keep her away

Oh, oh, oh

She landed on her feet
And joined his fledgling rock group
As they toured the evil empire
Selling t-shirts at the shows

She taught him what was real
She taught him he was okay
That his thoughts were not just rubbish
That he had something good to give

Still his heart was so ambivalent and hopesick
Of her he wasn't ever sure
But she gave in so sweetly that the spirit said
"Boy, you better go run to her (run to her)"

So when she split, he hopped on a plane
With his parents and his brother
He told her that he loved her
They were married in the summer

Oh, oh, oh
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It's all [ profile] jangrl's fault:

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Ratatat likes to play pretty loud and distorted live, so here is the original for clarity:

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Listen to MGMT's new album HERE.
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Monday morning links:

Moulage (French: casting/moulding) is the art of applying mock injuries for the purpose of training Emergency Response Teams and other medical and military personnel. Moulage may be as simple as applying pre-made rubber or latex "wounds" to a healthy "patient's" limbs, chest, head, etc., or as complex as using complicated makeup and theatre techniques to provide elements of realism (such as blood, vomitus, open fractures, etc.) to the training simulation. The practice dates to at least the Renaissance, when wax figures were utilized for this purpose. (wikipedia, link goes to blog entry on Moulage museum)

New Bakery in the hood, will have to swing by this week., my new favorite blog.

Crispy Kale recipe - I had a version of these at the Green Owl with Emily last month and they were amazing.

Two songs I heard on XMU last week that I instantly fell in love with:

The Big Pink - Velvet from felix on Vimeo.


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Neko Case sort of Monday morning.


Feb. 28th, 2003 02:54 pm
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I would be a really bad friend if I didn't tell you to go to North Of January.


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