Oct. 13th, 2014 02:38 pm
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The Move: We've booked a moving truck (even with gas for the truck and the car this was still the cheapest option and at least we'll have our stuff right away), are about to sign a lease on a 3 bedroom apartment in Albany (wood floors, pantry, dishwasher, front porch, built ins, good neighborhood, previous tenant was there 9 years), and have started packing things up here.

Work: Sent my latest chapter off to my advisor and it was returned with reasonable edits (I'm very happy with this one, it's a turning point in the dissertation's argument) and my boss is very sad to see me go at Ancestry. One of the things I've enjoyed about that job is the performance monitoring they do - you can check your productivity daily and compare it to your squad, team, shift, and other shifts. Unlike grad school, which leaves you constantly wondering how you are doing, I know that I am one of their top performing workers (images per hour, QC disagreements, amount of time actively working in programs), even after only 90 days on the job.

Utah: Last weekend we went down to Arches again and did a backcountry trip in Canyonlands. Nick's old roommate had flown out to go with us and it was a little bit of an adjustment for him to do desert hiking (no peak to conquer or even trail to stick to - just explore!) but I think he ended up really enjoying it and appreciating nature more than he usually does camping. (It was also sort of funny to realize I am now in better shape than Jason, when he kept trailing behind us. Back in Yellowstone a few years back I was always the last person up the hill)

Jason imitating Edward Abbey:

Taking our packs off for a few minutes - about to descend into the Canyonlands - our destination is that bend in the river behind us, about a 21 miles round trip. It was nice to have a third person around to take photos of the two of us!

The descent mostly occurred here, at this rock slide (looking back up it). We descended 995' in .95 miles over dozens of switchbacks. Gorgeous views.

Looking back at where we had descended.

Taking a break on the way back up, with a view of Airport Tower and our hiking buddy. <3 Utah.
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Y'all, I can't tell you how excited we are about the move - even the parts that could potentially be stressful have seemed to magically work out - they are paying for relocation, unlike Madison (where landlords make you resign a lease a year in advance) there are still tons of apartments available, we know quite a few people out there, a friend wants to drive us out when we move so she can visit her cousins, the cost of living is less, Nick keeps hearing great things about working in this lab, etc. etc.

For example, at lunch today:
Nick: [referring to one of his good friend's summer camping trip, which we can't go on because we'll be moving/working] Well if it's just him and his friend then they'll just go to Rocky Mountain National Park in late August.
Me: So, if we get a car as soon as we get there we can go for part of their trip!
Nick: Oh. Yeah... And then convince them to do Mt. Ranier, Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens next year with us?

Last weekend we attended [livejournal.com profile] nearlymay's wedding and have another wedding this weekend. I got to wear my hot red dress, which looks even better on me 20 pounds lighter than November :)

Keely's Wedding


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