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I started this post in 2005 to keep track of this life goal I have to read all of the Modern Library Top 100 Novels (yes, I know all the critiques of it, I'm not doing it because I agree they are the best 100 novels of the English language in the 20th century, but because it is a fun goal and provides a certain cultural and intellectual literacy that I have already benefited from). My Ancestry job has made it easier to listen to audiobooks and get back on track with the list, so I updated it and redated this post...

Thus far: 79/100

1. ULYSSES by James Joyce (2000)
2. THE GREAT GATSBY by F. Scott Fitzgerald (high school)
3. A PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG MAN by James Joyce (November 2005)
4. LOLITA by Vladimir Nabokov (2004)
5. BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldous Huxley (high school)
6. THE SOUND AND THE FURY by William Faulkner (August 2009)
7. CATCH-22 by Joseph Heller (October 2009)
8. DARKNESS AT NOON by Arthur Koestler (August 2009)
9. SONS AND LOVERS by D.H. Lawrence (high school)
10. THE GRAPES OF WRATH by John Steinbeck (high school)
11. UNDER THE VOLCANO by Malcolm Lowry (August 2014)
12. THE WAY OF ALL FLESH by Samuel Butler (March 2015
13. 1984 by George Orwell (high school)
14. I, CLAUDIUS by Robert Graves (September 2014)
15. TO THE LIGHTHOUSE by Virginia Woolf (July 2009)
16. AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY by Theodore Dreiser (December 2016)
17. THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER by Carson McCullers (August 2005)
18. SLAUGHTERHOUSE-FIVE by Kurt Vonnegut (high school)
19. INVISIBLE MAN by Ralph Ellison (August 2014)
20. NATIVE SON by Richard Wright (September 2014)

Modern Library Top 100 Novels )

New Year

Jan. 17th, 2013 04:08 pm
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Despite always and perpetually struggling with work, I feel like the past few months have been really transformative in feeling more present and happy.

I've mentioned to a few of you who have posted about diets that I decided to try to lose a few pounds last month (too cheap to buy new clothes and I like the ones I have!) and that has gone really well (I've lost 9 pounds thus far, despite traveling and being sick making exercise difficult). Mostly I've been using the MyFitnessPal app to track food and exercise (if you are on there feel free to friend me!). It's amazing how not wanting to bother looking up how many calories 4 chips are can be motivation to just not eat the damn chips.

[ profile] antarcticlust suggested I join Fitocracy, but I am not finding it useful or fun. The points earned seem arbitrary and you are rewarded for doing certain types of social interactions and certain types of exercises, rather than encouraging you to do the activities you love. Are any of you on there? Am I missing something?

All of this coincided with trying to get on a better sleep and self care regimen and drinking less (counting the calories of alcohol certainly helped in that regard!). I've invested some research and money into some nice skin care products, my teeth are getting whiter, and I'm sure my doctor will be happy with my vitamin taking.

So far these changes have definitely left me feeling happier overall and grounded. I would like to also translate them into being productive, both in my hobbies and work, so that is the next step. How convenient it is New Years Resolution time!

-Get back to knitting and, in particular, use up stash and make Holiday gifts for next year - now, not in November.
-Get back to reading the Modern Library Top 100 novels. Last year I only read Angle of Repose and that was by accident (although it was wonderful). So, this year I'm going to devote my Kindle reading to Modern Library books (I usually keep one book by the side of the bed and keep another on the Kindle for commute/travel reading). Right now I'm enjoying Sister Carrie (I've read 32 of the 100 and all of the top 10!)

-I *need* to have three chapters done by Fall. No ifs, ands, or buts.

-Lots of friends have moved away, are similarly busy, or also hibernating this winter, but I want to try to plan some sort of social activity at least once a month - a girl's night out, a movie with friends, or some outdoor activity.
-One thing I have really come a long way on is stressing about the future and what I can't control. Nick and I have no idea where we will be this Fall, but there is nothing we can do about that right now. We secure in knowing we will be together and that really is all we need.
-At some point we *will* be planning a move, a wedding, and all that fun stuff, which I do allow myself to daydream over, but not take over my brain.

Speaking of which, one of our friends, Kaja, just uploaded a ton of pictures from her camera from the past few years and she posted this great picture of Nick and I at our friends Greg and Ila's wedding two and half years ago - that couple is in the hospital right now having their first baby!!

Greg and Ilas wedding
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I just finished Go Tell it on the Mountain, making it the 31st read on my Modern Library Top 100 Novel project.

Now that my ankle is recovered and I'm back to running I was thinking of trying audiobooks again (I did like how I could read on the elliptical). Any suggestions from the aforementioned list for books that translate well to audio? (I found that Edith Wharton and James Joyce translate surprisingly well to audiobooks, for example).

I was thinking maybe Ragtime or Midnight's Children...


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