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I am officially already over the "mormons, no alcohol, no coffee, mormons, blah, blah, blah" stereotypes I hear about my new home. Stereotypes may be a real time saver, but they are lazy and petty. Wisconsinites are fat alcoholics! Southerners are stupid racists! Californians are vain fakes! *sigh*

(I actually saw a bunch of "Real Mormons Drink Beer" t-shirts at the BeerFest and when I googled it found out that this is a pretty hotly debated issue, with some Mormons actually arguing that beer, in particular, isn't just ok to drink, but that beer is a "barley drink" that is *favored* by God - some interesting stuff here and in the comments.)

In response, here we are on Saturday at the Utah BeerFest with our friends Jen and Jane (Jen is doing her residency in OB/GYN at the University Hospital and got her MA in the History of Medicine Program at UW a few years ago and Jane moved here the same week we did from Madison, where she also played frisbee and is apparently a home brewer!)

Utah BeerFest 2013

And a great photo that our injured teammate got of me in one of our last frisbee games back in Madison. I look so calm because this girl was really bad and wasn't even calling a stall count, so I had all the time in the world to decide what to do :)

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The heat wave continues in Madison (102 yesterday - the first time Madison has gotten to over a hundred since 1995). We have AC in the bedroom, so at least we can sleep.

Yesterday we escaped to the beach, where the water was a "cool" 84 degrees.


Then we had a small group of good friends over for a bbq - because nothing says "America" like vegan pie!

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This summer I haven't made it to some old haunts like Concerts on the Square, but it's still been fun...

Like my birthday:

We're still protesting, by the way:

There's always frisbee:

Girl Talk at Summer fest!

Oh yeah...


Making cupcakes with Laura :)

Loretta Lynn at Summer fest!

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Nick just got around to posting some fall pictures, these are from our Kettle Moraine North trip:

I found a pear tree! (also, I think I have a droopy lip?)

And lots of other trees!

There had been a lot of wind damage:

Please note how much taller Greg is than me... I am NOT standing in a hole.

But people made forts!

God, it was pretty up there:

I practiced my full backpack for thru-hiking (I think that was some sort of spicy animal cracker that Greg brought?):

Airforce One over Madison for Obama's visit!

What can I say, I like hats:

And, of course, the LCD/Hot Chip Show!

Can you tell how happy and excited I am?

Awesome pic for the camera.

My Halloween party!


Did I mention Schmitt came as a chronic masturbator? This is not staged - I ran out of toilet paper, but had tissues....

[ profile] janusnori came as the Ghost of Teaching Assistant's past - red pen, exams, evaluations, and marginalia...

And, finally, Kendra's costume. The one I told her I thought was sexually harassing me and made her take off:

the next night, at a meteorology gathering, a Clockwork Orange was prepared for Icing:

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Nick took a great shot at our last frisbee game:

Me tossing the disc to Peter:

And me catching it:

and a nice pic of Molly with the disc:

Some flooding by my house after a huge downpour:

The band at my birthday party:

Clearly up to no good:

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[ profile] tinychoices, you're totally doing a post about this, right?

Biz Beat: Google maps bike routes

MIKE IVEY, The Capital City Times, March 11, 2010

While I'm sad to see the snow melt after such a great cross country ski winter, clearer roads signal a return of the bicycle commuting season.

To that end, the League of American Bicyclists has teamed with Google on a project called Grab Your Bike and Go with Google Maps.

The mapping Internet site identifies the fastest, low-traffic routes from Point A to Point B.

"This new tool will open people's eyes to the possibility and practicality of hopping on a bike and riding," says Andy Clarke, President of the League of American Bicyclists. "We know people want to ride more, and we know it's good for people and communities when they do ride more - this makes it possible. It is a game-changer, especially for those short trips that are the most polluting."

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Machinery Row Bicycles manager Luke Batchelor-Claik, left, and employee Scott Shapiro check out the Trek Stop cycling convenience center outside Machinery Row Bicycles on Williamson Street on Friday. The unit contains a vending machine with supplies for minor repairs and a sheltered area where riders can work on their bikes.

(John Maniaci - State Journal)

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Farmers' Market by the numbers
By Debra Carr-Elsing, The Capital Times, April 19, 2007

What is the best and worst thing about the Dane County Farmers' Market?

All the people.

That's how market-goers responded in a 2003 survey conducted by market organizers.

People also say they typically spend an hour at the Saturday outdoor markets and walk around the Capitol Square just once.

"We have great community support,'' says Larry Johnson, market manager. "It rained all day long one time when we counted people, and we still had more than 8,000 come out to the market.''

On sunny days, crowds easily can reach 20,000 or more.
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