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Christmas knitting 2013: Traveler socks for a friend, Recycled Silk Sari scarf for Nick's step-mother, Lotus hat for Nick's step-sister, washcloths for Nick's grandmothers, Exeter hat for Nick's dad, Aran Pillow for Nick's step-sister and her husband, Socks for Nick, Mittens for Nick's step-brother, Wicker Cowl for Nick's step-sister (yes, he has 3 step-sisters and one step-brother and one step-brother-in-law!), and another pair of Traveler socks for another friend (friends with small feet hit the jackpot this year).

Christmas Presents 2013

(All notes available on My Ravelry)
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It's November, which seems to universally mean KNIT ALL THE THINGS to many of us. Every year I have high hopes of knitting all my holiday gifts, but at this rate, I might actually accomplish that. I'm focusing on using up yarn that I have lying around, some of which is of dubious quality and often means patterns that don't require a lot of yarn. The presents are for people who don't knit, so I don't want to invest really nice yarn or a lot of time in something they may throw in the dryer on high heat. Yesterday I spent the day on the couch knitting this:

Lotus hat

Also, it's snowing here!
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Just a typical Saturday night, eating ribs, watching football, knitting, and reading.

They had a ridiculous deal on ribs at the store, so we decided to try making them ourselves for the first time. Nomnomnomnom.


I have a dubious amount of sock yarn, so I found an interesting enough pattern that is toe up and the pattern can stop or continue indefinitely (harder to find than you would think). This pattern is British or stupid or both, so I did my own toe cast on and wrote my own chart.

Traveler Socks cast on

Finished the night by finishing The Wastelands, but I have to read Lean In for book club before start rereading Wizards and Glass.

Today, a long run and a visit to the art Museum!
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Finished Nick's socks!

Nick's Socks

Nick's Socks

If I ever suggest knitting with black yarn again, smack me.


Sep. 16th, 2013 12:33 pm
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On Saturday I went for a hike to check out a potential trail running route on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail up above us (it had also been a rainy couple days and I felt cooped up). It was a nice trail, but I think I would do it in reverse, as the first part is very steep straight up on sidewalks, while the second part was nice shaded switchbacks up the canyon.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail to City Creek Canyon

This week I picked up a knitting project I had set aside for months. After only one episode of Orange is the New Black (as I am counting hour long periods of time lately) I was able to figure out where I was in the pattern and since then I have almost finished the sock (picked up again from the heel turn).

First Black Sock

Yesterday the gardener came over to weed and pointed out that the grapes in the front yard were ready to be picked if I wanted them.

Grapes on the vine

Why yes, yes I would like that very much:

Grapes Ready to Eat
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This weekend I finished the X's and O's baby sweater! I've blocked mom and dad from seeing it here and on FB. I started it in March and it was a rather hard pattern, but by the end I had I had it memorized. [ profile] antarcticlust did the finishing button holes for me because it was a crochet pattern.


Close up of the buttons (I couldn't get leather ones small enough, but these have the same look):

Mistakes and all:
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[ profile] janusnori's birthday party was a smashing success:

Last night I went to [ profile] nutopian's boyfriend's birthday party, where I played (and won) my first beer pong game.

After power flow yoga this morning (side bow? really?) I knit and watched some Project Runway (season 6) and am now blocking the sweater!

Now, off to frisbee!
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As I start in on making holiday gifts I was thinking about the dilemma of being a crafty person as the object of gift-giving by non-crafty people, especially around the issue of knitting, so I came up with a little guide:

How to shop for a knitter:

10. If you are not a knitter, do not buy them yarn.

9. Hence, you may be tempted to buy them a knitting book - only buy them one that they explicitly asked for - in print - like their Amazon Wish List or written down on a piece of paper. You may think that the Celebrity Knits book on the Borders 20% off table looks cute, but the knitter knows that Julia Roberts knits and DOESN'T CARE. Same goes for fiction that uses knitting as a gimmick - just because we knit doesn't mean we like crappy gimmicky books.

8. The best gift for a non-knitter to get a knitter is a gift certificate to a LOCAL YARN STORE (not JoAnn's, not ACMoore, not Michael's, and definitely NOT Hobby Lobby or Walmart). Find a locally owned store or well known online yarn retailer and get a gift certificate.

7. If you insist on buying a knitter yarn there are some things you can do to lessen the forced display of appreciation that she will have to endure. The number one thing you can do is buy yarn from the LOCAL YARN STORE.

6. Buy more than one skein/ball. A knitter can't do much with one skein of yarn unless its a novelty yarn and a non-knitter should stay away from novelty yarns. That is a path that you should not tread.

5. When buying more than one skein of yarn you need to make sure that they are the same DYE LOT (not just the same "color"). If there is no dye lot and/or the clerk tells you that yarn doesn't have dye lots - do not buy it. You may think that yarn looks pretty, but the knitter just sees "RED HEART."

4. You'll notice that if you are following these rules, it's not cheap - if you insist on buying a knitter yarn - get over it. We do not knit to clothe our families cheaply.

3. Do not buy us needles or other notions. We probably already have them and have very specific preferences when it comes to them. You may hear "I need some new needles" when she really said "I would love a set of Denise interchangeable circulars." Some knitters only knit with wood needles, some only with bamboo, some only knit with certain brands, like Addi, and some only knit with certain types, like Double Pointed Needles.

2. Don't forget about things that knitters need other than yarn and patterns - like ribbon (for baby booties or drawstrings), buttons (buy us at least five - think about it), price/gift tags (for selling at a craft fair and/or labeling with the yarn and care instructions), graph paper (for making our own patterns), etc.

1. Just buy a gift certificate.

*Disclaimer: I am an intermediate knitter, for a beginner knitter these rules may not be as big a deal and for an advanced knitter they hold extra.
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I make my Jayne Hats from Lamb's Pride Bulky Wool yarn, typically in Lemon Drop, Orange You Glad and either Autumn Harvest or Tigerlily. One size fits all. If you are allergic to wool, let me know and I can make the hat in acrylic, cotton, alpaca or other non-sheep's wool yarn.

The cost is 30.00 USD, which includes shipping (with tracking so you can constantly check the status of your Cunning Hat). You can pay me through Paypal, where my account is through the email: I have shipped to Canada and will ship internationally, but would probably add a few extra dollars to the shipping cost for that.

A happy (and cunning!) customer:

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ILLINOIS STYLE: Male knitting a case of boy meets purl

ST. CHARLES, Ill. - When Mark Hensel pulls out his lunchtime knitting needles, his hard-hatted colleagues cast doubts about his manhood as quickly as he casts on.

"Right off the bat, they think I'm gay," the St. Charles electrician said with a laugh. "Sometimes I roll with it. What I usually say is, 'Before I started knitting, I really liked women and now I look at men. I'd like to see you after work and hold hands and talk about my feelings.'"
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Get your asses over to [ profile] ghettoknit:

We are a Red Heart affirming, washable garment loving, Susan Bates buying, "we don't need no stinkin' patterns" muttering, stitch'n'bitch fearing, acrylic adoring, and enterprising knitting/crocheting group.

I love wool yarn. But hey, if the baby is gonna puke on that baby blanket for three years, acrylic is washable. And cheap! Don't spoil the hard work those Peruvian women put into that beautiful hand sheared, hand spun, finger-painted wool yarn. Same goes for needles. Use whatever works for you. Some love wood, some love metal, and some love plastic.

Ghetto Knitting is all about choice. Maybe you like wool, maybe you like acrylic, maybe you swear by your Brittany needles or needles hand carved in Maine but decorated in Russia. Whoever you are, we want to hear all about you.

What do you knit? Why? How did you fix that hat that ended up being large enough to fit over a very large pumpkin? What is it about crocheting that makes your heart beat faster?

I'm probably forgetting something...but hey, that's what the 'edit info' link is for, right? Right now, the community is open for Introductions, Knitting stories, advice, questions, blahblahblah. More to come as need be.


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