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I finally got to the doctor over some injuries I got falling down some stairs back in August. My insurance had to be changed since I moved and whoever coded the application did it wrong and it took two months to get my insurance done.

Anyway, I was bringing laundry down to the basement and combination of new staircase, poor visibility, forgotten turn in the steps = ouchie. I came down hard on one knee on the cement floor and the other shin scraped down the steps. It hurt like hell for a few days but after that it was fine (obviously, I've been running just fine), except it continued to "tingle" - like my knee and shin were "asleep."

My Sports Med doctors tells me this is all fine and normal. My knee has a bursa (a fluid sack) on it (and not a floating bone chip, like I feared) and my shin suffered nerve damage, but not of any major nerves. He said both may disappear within 6 months, or they may be there forever. Either way, they are harmless, as long as the bursa doesn't become red and feel hot (meaning it got infected) and the nerve pain changes to going transversely across my shin, instead of up and down it (meaning major nerves are effected - he said right now it's just segments of minor ones and that in fact, I'll know they are healing when they start hurting again instead of just tingling).

They did x-rays of my lower legs to be sure and I was told I have the knees of a 20 year old as far as arthritis wear is concerned and gave me some tips on preventing future running problems (my right leg naturally turns in and they told me that yoga, especially poses that exercise the abductor muscles like warrior 3, will be essential to being able to keep that leg in running shape).

I do love sports med doctors.
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Running: Week three of the half-marathon training finished with a 6 mile run on Sunday. The program is going much smoother this time around, even with the extra day of running and attempts at pace setting. I find myself halfway through my long run before I think to look at the clock.

Climbing: Well, my climbing partner and I started the "Climb a Mile" in February challenge just for fun, openly saying "there is no way we will finish this, but let's see how far we can get for fun," and gosh darn it - we're both going to finish! Dianna will be done tonight because she had a stronger start than me, but I'll be done on Wednesday! We went from an average of 7 climbs a night, two nights a week to 28 climbs a night, three times a week! We are looking forward to incorporating more laps into our climbs, but also to adding in new routes - this challenge does not incentivize trying anything new or very hard, it's more about stamina.

Strength-Training: I am really happy with the benefits I am seeing by just doing this class once a week. It's has increased my core strength exponentially more than yoga ever did - greatly helping in climbing, as well as yoga. Most of all - squats and lunges? They make your ass look amazing!

Yoga: I need to get back to Kristin's low key but intense class for the spiritual well being (stupidly stayed out too late partying on Friday night and missed the class I wanted to go to with [ profile] purplemb13), but the strength training class has definitely helped in the power yoga class I like to do Monday and Friday morning - those crazy push-ups and sit-ups don't seem so bad anymore. Actually, I should probably try head stands again...

Diet: I've plateaued a little again at 145, but with less variance on a day-to-day basis, so I'm very happy with that. I'm back in my skinny jeans and things just fit better. Mostly though, I'm seeing a real effect on my running by adjusting my diet to my training. That was one element I didn't incorporate last time, but by being more careful about the carbs, protein, and fat that I eat, I definitely have more energy on my runs and I am more efficiently building more muscle (I was surprised last year that I didn't seem to build more muscle, but now I see I wasn't eating what my body needed to do that). It's also helped me save money because you really have to plan out your week, especially breakfast and snack wise, if you want to have good fuel and muscle building options available.

One thing that has definitely returned from training last year - the need for more sleep than I am used to - I have to start adjusting for that because it makes getting up for 6AM yoga hard when I used to be able to go to bed at 11 and still get up for that.
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I'm going to save "curves" for Monday with a post reflecting on the experiment because I leave for camping today :)

So, today is "skin." I have very pale skin and burn easily, so I try to take care of it and protect it. This is my morning routine:

The Soap Opera stopped making my favorite cleanser so I am trying new ones now, right now it's this Aveeno one (Positively Radiant). Then, about once a week, I might use Lush's Ocean Salt, followed by a mask.

In the past year I have developed a dark spot on my right cheek (I refuse to say age spot), so I'm trying this new Clinique Spot Corrector, which I apply with an under-eye cream, and then put moisturizer with SPF on top of everything. If I'm going to be outside a lot (frisbee, long bike ride, long walk, etc.) I will put on regular sunscreen.

Finally, since I am photosensitive (allergic to the sun - that's right...) I get Polymorphous Light Eruptions on my hands in the summer, so I take a Beta Carotene supplement, which seems to do the trick.

Clean faced!

Yesterday was frisbee, so instead of showing you the boring outfit I wore during the day, here is the team jersey!

Cleats: Middleton Sports
Socks: Berkeley Running Company
Shorts: Gap
Jersey: MUFA!
Bandana: Target
Disc: MUFA!

I don't have any action shots from games, but here are some pics that Nick took on our Spring Break of me catching and throwing the disc (in Rhode Island):

Unfortunately we lost our game last night, 13-3 :(
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Is the Spirit of Competition in the Soul of Yoga?
By SARA ECKEL, The New York Times, November 19, 2009

THE competitors stood nervously on stage, awaiting the judges’ decisions. As each name was called the crowd cheered, and the winner stepped forward to claim a prize, bowing his or her head to accept a medal.

“Wow, that was a miracle,” said Kyoko Katsura, the winner in the women’s division of the New York Regional Yoga Championship.

Yoga championship?

Yoga enthusiasts like to talk about the many benefits of their practice — good health, inner peace, killer abs — but seldom do they brag about the thrill of victory. Yoga as a competitive sport has been almost unknown in this country, largely because the practice is seen as a spiritual quest rather than an exclusively physical exercise like gymnastics.

But now Rajashree Choudhury and her husband, Bikram Choudhury, who created the style of yoga known as Bikram, are trying to build momentum for competitive yoga in the United States. Mrs. Choudhury has set up two nonprofit organizations, the United States Yoga Federation and the World Yoga Foundation, and she has been staging competitions for the last seven years. This fall and winter, regional championships are being held in several states, and the winners will advance to a national championship in Los Angeles in February.

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