Oct. 13th, 2014 02:38 pm
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The Move: We've booked a moving truck (even with gas for the truck and the car this was still the cheapest option and at least we'll have our stuff right away), are about to sign a lease on a 3 bedroom apartment in Albany (wood floors, pantry, dishwasher, front porch, built ins, good neighborhood, previous tenant was there 9 years), and have started packing things up here.

Work: Sent my latest chapter off to my advisor and it was returned with reasonable edits (I'm very happy with this one, it's a turning point in the dissertation's argument) and my boss is very sad to see me go at Ancestry. One of the things I've enjoyed about that job is the performance monitoring they do - you can check your productivity daily and compare it to your squad, team, shift, and other shifts. Unlike grad school, which leaves you constantly wondering how you are doing, I know that I am one of their top performing workers (images per hour, QC disagreements, amount of time actively working in programs), even after only 90 days on the job.

Utah: Last weekend we went down to Arches again and did a backcountry trip in Canyonlands. Nick's old roommate had flown out to go with us and it was a little bit of an adjustment for him to do desert hiking (no peak to conquer or even trail to stick to - just explore!) but I think he ended up really enjoying it and appreciating nature more than he usually does camping. (It was also sort of funny to realize I am now in better shape than Jason, when he kept trailing behind us. Back in Yellowstone a few years back I was always the last person up the hill)

Jason imitating Edward Abbey:

Taking our packs off for a few minutes - about to descend into the Canyonlands - our destination is that bend in the river behind us, about a 21 miles round trip. It was nice to have a third person around to take photos of the two of us!

The descent mostly occurred here, at this rock slide (looking back up it). We descended 995' in .95 miles over dozens of switchbacks. Gorgeous views.

Looking back at where we had descended.

Taking a break on the way back up, with a view of Airport Tower and our hiking buddy. <3 Utah.
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Our Vegas trip was nice and weird.

On the one hand our friend footed the bill on almost everything, which I would feel bad about if he didn't clearly have the money and once I saw how much he *loves* Vegas and just wanted to share it with people. But on the other hand, the conspicuous consumption and unnatural extravagance is just... weird.

I had found a deal on a room at the Mirage, but our friend loves the Venetian so much that he just said he would pay the difference in price (which he must have lied about because I heard him check out - we must have only paid the difference for *one* night). The room was amazing (two queen beds, sunken living room, tv in the bathroom) but oddly impractical (probably designed for bachelor parties? no locks on any doors, separate toilet, but you had to walk through bathroom with glass shower to get to it?) and after seeing some of the other casinos, I can see why our friend prefers the Venetian.

Our friend has been to Vegas over 20 times and loves the fake nature displays in the malls that connect all of the casinos - I was far from Zion, that's for sure. The store after store of expensive handbags just got tedious and I wished I had some free time to enjoy the spa at the hotel (I did get to the fitness room one morning - which was very impressive and nicer than many gyms I've been to - but I didn't get to use the sauna or pool or steam room).

He also paid for our tickets to see the Cirque de Coleil show "O" - which is good because he bought front row seats that Nick and I would never agree to buy. I did enjoy the show more than I thought I would (the updated idea of the circus, the athleticism, and even the misdirection of the choreography).

Afterwards we walked around. More. I did enjoy the "ice bar" that we went to, but by Friday night and further from the nicer hotels, things were getting pretty gross and I was happy when we got back to the hotel room and our friend wanted to play some poker while we went to bed. There's only so many yelling drunk people, half naked women dancing on bars, and couples getting in fights that a girl can handle. Maybe I'm just getting old. Get off my lawn!
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I miss these girls!


(halfway through the summer season we decided to all dress the same, including matching purple headbands, and wear "Hello My Name Is" nametags, with each others names - several of the men on our team seemed to have a hard time telling us apart - good times were had by all).
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Y'all, I can't tell you how excited we are about the move - even the parts that could potentially be stressful have seemed to magically work out - they are paying for relocation, unlike Madison (where landlords make you resign a lease a year in advance) there are still tons of apartments available, we know quite a few people out there, a friend wants to drive us out when we move so she can visit her cousins, the cost of living is less, Nick keeps hearing great things about working in this lab, etc. etc.

For example, at lunch today:
Nick: [referring to one of his good friend's summer camping trip, which we can't go on because we'll be moving/working] Well if it's just him and his friend then they'll just go to Rocky Mountain National Park in late August.
Me: So, if we get a car as soon as we get there we can go for part of their trip!
Nick: Oh. Yeah... And then convince them to do Mt. Ranier, Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens next year with us?

Last weekend we attended [livejournal.com profile] nearlymay's wedding and have another wedding this weekend. I got to wear my hot red dress, which looks even better on me 20 pounds lighter than November :)

Keely's Wedding
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This weekend I killed two minimizing birds with one stone - a Naked Lady party!

Used up from my cupboard: Coconut Oil, coconut, cake flour, pecans, and Karo syrup by making a pecan pie and coconut banana muffins. I also made a quiche (my crust recipe makes it hard to divide for less than two crusts) and had a little Bloody Mary bar to help trim down some condiments in the cupboards too.


Naked Lady Brunch

And then I got rid of four bags of clothes (and only accumulated a few items myself, including a dress that I think will be perfect for our engagement party!)

The best was hanging out with my friends, including some I hadn't seen in a while :)

New Year

Jan. 17th, 2013 04:08 pm
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Despite always and perpetually struggling with work, I feel like the past few months have been really transformative in feeling more present and happy.

I've mentioned to a few of you who have posted about diets that I decided to try to lose a few pounds last month (too cheap to buy new clothes and I like the ones I have!) and that has gone really well (I've lost 9 pounds thus far, despite traveling and being sick making exercise difficult). Mostly I've been using the MyFitnessPal app to track food and exercise (if you are on there feel free to friend me!). It's amazing how not wanting to bother looking up how many calories 4 chips are can be motivation to just not eat the damn chips.

[livejournal.com profile] antarcticlust suggested I join Fitocracy, but I am not finding it useful or fun. The points earned seem arbitrary and you are rewarded for doing certain types of social interactions and certain types of exercises, rather than encouraging you to do the activities you love. Are any of you on there? Am I missing something?

All of this coincided with trying to get on a better sleep and self care regimen and drinking less (counting the calories of alcohol certainly helped in that regard!). I've invested some research and money into some nice skin care products, my teeth are getting whiter, and I'm sure my doctor will be happy with my vitamin taking.

So far these changes have definitely left me feeling happier overall and grounded. I would like to also translate them into being productive, both in my hobbies and work, so that is the next step. How convenient it is New Years Resolution time!

-Get back to knitting and, in particular, use up stash and make Holiday gifts for next year - now, not in November.
-Get back to reading the Modern Library Top 100 novels. Last year I only read Angle of Repose and that was by accident (although it was wonderful). So, this year I'm going to devote my Kindle reading to Modern Library books (I usually keep one book by the side of the bed and keep another on the Kindle for commute/travel reading). Right now I'm enjoying Sister Carrie (I've read 32 of the 100 and all of the top 10!)

-I *need* to have three chapters done by Fall. No ifs, ands, or buts.

-Lots of friends have moved away, are similarly busy, or also hibernating this winter, but I want to try to plan some sort of social activity at least once a month - a girl's night out, a movie with friends, or some outdoor activity.
-One thing I have really come a long way on is stressing about the future and what I can't control. Nick and I have no idea where we will be this Fall, but there is nothing we can do about that right now. We secure in knowing we will be together and that really is all we need.
-At some point we *will* be planning a move, a wedding, and all that fun stuff, which I do allow myself to daydream over, but not take over my brain.

Speaking of which, one of our friends, Kaja, just uploaded a ton of pictures from her camera from the past few years and she posted this great picture of Nick and I at our friends Greg and Ila's wedding two and half years ago - that couple is in the hospital right now having their first baby!!

Greg and Ilas wedding


Sep. 20th, 2011 08:06 am
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Last night we finally had some friends over! (Unpacking has reached near completion - we just need to get this boxspring out of the living room.)

Greg and his girlfriend Ellyn came over for Steak with Swiss Chard followed by Molten Chocolate Cake. It was nice to catch up with Greg and get to know Ellyn better - they are definitely a cute couple.

After they left we relaxed with some chamomile tea and Stewart/Colbert and then I got myself to bed early (Nick stayed up working on an important presentation this Friday), and got up at 5:30 for 6AM yoga.

I think I could really get behind morning yoga. I've usually only done yoga in the afternoon, but it is really nice to be so aware of your body first thing in the morning. This class was "Alignment Yoga" and was a nice pace, adjustments by the instructor, and a nice variety of poses. I ran 6K last night before dinner, so it was just the right activity for stretching out those muscles without overdoing it. I'll be climbing tonight too :)

OK - time to get dressed - I have a dissertating date with Clark!
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Three years ago [livejournal.com profile] okwatanzinone and I were there for each other in a way no one else could be - we were the only ones who truly and completely knew what the other was going through and we created a bond that nothing could ever break.

That summer I introduced him to a new friend of mine.

Yesterday, they were married in a lovely and infectiously joyous ceremony that I was thrilled to be a part of. I am fiercely protective of him, but I am 100% confident that he has found The One and that they are so good for each other.

The ceremony was at the Gates of Heaven - a former synagogue in Madison. It was performed by the Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Shirley Abrahamson (who Scott Walker cronie, David Prosser, called a "total bitch" - sounds like my kind of lady)

The Bride wore red - a second wedding for both of them, they really did a great job at being tactful, tasteful, and genuine. The emphasis was on them, not presents or customs or traditions.

The synagogue is only four blocks from our new place - the easiest wedding I've traveled to!

We walked two blocks up the street for the reception:

The mansion has a beautiful spiral staircase:

Leading up to a cupola with a beautiful view of the city:

We spent a lot of time on the porch, enjoying a beautiful Madison day:

My favorite view :)

By the end of the night we were all getting quite cozy:

Love is in the air :)

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Stacey, a lovely friend that [livejournal.com profile] astronautical set me up with, is having a potluck vegan shabbat tonight. Apparently there is some sort of tradition for the week following a wedding and Stacey and Adam got married last weekend in Philadelphia and unfortunately I couldn't go. We're leaving tomorrow, but a girl's gotta eat, right? Anyway, I thought it was a good excuse to further unpack baking supplies and I find that vegan desserts are super delicious (I mean, really, they are just substituting sugar for fat in the taste department), so I made this:

Lemon Raspberry Cake - I had some raspberries and soy yogurt anyway that I had intended to have for breakfasts this week, but was always too rushed, so it was a great way to use them up before our stormchasing.... er, I mean, roadtrip back East :)
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Jason just emailed us some of his photos from the trip - here are some of my favorites: )
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Everything is wonderful in Bridget Land, but not so much in your world. This poem gave me a lot of strength in a time of need, particularly this line:

"What three things can never be done?
Forget. Keep silent. Stand alone.
The hill of glass, the fatal brilliant plain."

- The Book of the Dead by Muriel Rukeyser


"The thought manifests as the word.
The word manifests as the deed.
The deed develops into habit.
And the habit hardens into character.
So watch the thought and its ways with care.
And let it spring from love, born out of concern for all beings."

- Buddha

Keep being beautiful people and wonderful friends. The universe needs you.
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Get ready Miranda...

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...is frisbee...

...and baseball...

...with friends...

...and more...
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"Curvy" can mean a lot of different things to different people. To me it means that my body literally has curves: a rear end that isn't flat, hips, a bust, and a waist that is thinner and therefore accentuates these things. Sometimes I envy the skinny girls whose thighs don't seem to touch or the girls with perky little B cups who can go without a bra, but overall I'm happy with my curves and can tell they are attractive to other people.

As far as accentuating curves, this outfit probably does it the most, being that it is the tightest and shortest that I have. Fashion magazines always tell curvy girls to accentuate their curves with wrap dresses - these people clearly don't have curves, because I have found exactly one wrap dress in my life that doesn't make it look like my boobs are in a sling.

And this is it:

They also tell you to wear v-necks. I don't know about you, but I rarely wear a v-neck when I will be working in an office. This weekend I heard about a case of a woman who was allegedly fired for being too hot - in particular, her turtlenecks were distracting. First of all, it just goes to show that if you are curvy, just wearing fitted clothing can be flattering. Secondly, society blames women for attracting too much attention by simply wearing clothing that fits. Little Emily and I had a similar discussion about how her employer (a family owned greenhouse) tried to suggest that her company t-shirt didn't fit. Emily is a skinny girl with DD's. The shirt fit her fine, anything else would have looked like a sack on her - she was not about to wear something baggy just because it stretched a little over her chest.

Today's outfit:

Dress: American Apparel
Boots: Ariat from The Shoe Box
Necklace: Three strands of amber, bought at Wiscon two years ago
Ring: Art Gecko
Earrings: Amber double drop, unsure of where I acquired them (I buy a lot of amber)
Watch: Toyko Bay

This is one of my favorite summer outfits - perfect for sitting on the Terrace and soaking up the sun. I used to have some nice leather sandals that I wore with it, but they fell apart walking home in a rain storm last year. Now I either wear flip flops, black heels, or my boots - depending on the situation. I bought these boots after Justin and I broke up - as many of you have heard: "There's nothing like a new pair of shoes to ease a breakup because, unlike men, you never get sick of looking down at them and have no problem telling them you love them." Of course, now Nick gets scared anytime I go shoe shopping :)


1. I realized that in general I already dress to accentuate the positives rather than hide the negatives - these were all outfits I wear all the time. I used to hide my figure more, especially with clothes that were too baggy. Losing weight after the divorce helped me get excited about clothing again and when I realized the weight was staying off my wardrobe really transformed. Now I don't buy things a little too big to hide under or grow into and I'm not afraid of short skirts, tight clothing, or very feminine things.

2. I realized that, to me, accentuating my legs means short skirts and heels. This isn't necessarily appropriate for all situations (work, teaching, everyday) and I'm interested in figuring out what would accentuate my legs without being too "fun." Certainly, any clothing that fits is good and, being petite, I have to almost always get my pants hemmed. I have also gotten used to wearing heels with pants, which makes my legs look longer. Otherwise, I'm not sure, and still thinking about it...

3. I realized that I have no interest in dying my hair again. I liked it better when there was more natural variation and gray in it.

4. I realized I do a lot more skin care than I thought I did. Perhaps it's because I like any sort of pampering in the bathroom - any excuse to just chill out for a while, like putting a face mask on and reading a magazine for ten minutes, sounds good to me. On the other hand, my skin is one of the only things that makes me feel my age (stupid dark spot). I guess if that's the only thing that makes me feel my age, I should count myself lucky though. And I do love my freckles :)

5. Again and again it comes down to wearing things that fit.

TAG, you're it!

Spring 2010

Jun. 5th, 2010 06:41 pm
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The Great World Text Conference (my baby and Behemoth)

The students presented lots of different creative and academic projects

Then the students gathered at the Union Theatre

For the Keynote Speaker, Chris Abani

And, of course, there was lots of karaoke

and lots of bachelorette parties

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Looking douchey at a cave I was too claustrophobic to enter:

Enjoying nature (I think Nick was enjoying something else):

Our tent companions:

Some videos I finally uploaded from the Spring Break Road Trip:


Feb. 28th, 2003 02:54 pm
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I would be a really bad friend if I didn't tell you to go to North Of January.
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You should visit Brad's Blog. He's a nice guy.


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