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Dissertation: Trying to finish a draft of this rheumatic fever chapter by the Fourth of July. Not sure if I'll make it, but I'm enjoying writing it and getting in a good productivity groove around it. It makes me hopeful for finishing the whole dissertation this fall. I can write a chapter a month, I really can. The chapter combines some old favorites (The Welfare State!) with some topics that I'm discovering are very understudied and would be great material for future articles (especially the history of convalescent homes and the field of occupational therapy). I also have some meta thoughts in my head right now about the privileging of fiction writing over non-fiction writing....

Finances: I have an interview with next week for a part time historical digital specialist, so send some "good luck" my way. I have about one hundred dollars to my name, although some careful planning from earlier this year means I can survive a little longer (combined with Nick's salary), but I need something soon, especially with fall tuition coming due in September. Chatting with a fellow historian girlfriend of mine about the realities of this job market, the two-body problem, quality of life, and altered expectations cheered me up some. We both struggle but also count our blessings that we are with our partners, live in a part of the country we like, and can practice our profession even if it's not the way we expected to. I struggle with the bitterness sometimes, but playing the victim about the status of academia right now is naive and disingenuous - there are lots of things I could have and can do, while still seeing being righteously angry about the status of our profession.

I mean, apparently, we live in the least stressful city in the United States!

Fun: We got out to a minor league baseball game on Monday, which was really fun.


We have two apricot trees in the back yard (one hanging over the fence from the neighbor that is ripe now and the one just outside my window that will be ripe soon) so I am looking into canning, drying, and fermenting them. The first two I've done before but I've only ever made kombucha, so it will be a fun new endeavour to try making mead. I need a few supplies (a carboy and an airlock) but I can get the books from the library and have a perfect home set up for it (our wine cellar has seen more use from aging beer and kombucha than wine...).


We are planning a trip to Glacier National Park over the holiday weekend. It's a ten hour drive, which we'll probably do overnight. It's Nick's favorite park and he's been there twice - once car camping and once backpacking. The Glacier NPS website is ridiculously helpful - they have trail updates, historical fill times of campgrounds, and daily updates on plowing (the main road through the park is still impassable due to snow - welcome to the Rockies!). We will consult with rangers when we get there about what we can access and have equipment for (we aren't as hardcore as ice picks and crampons... yet), but the Three Passes hike looks perfect.

Big Drift, 6-25-2014
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What a perfect weekend! Instead of going out to see a movie, we decided to stay in on Friday night - which was just the right decision. We are watching Community from the library, which lends you the entire season at a time, not just single discs! Cozy and relaxing.

Saturday morning I went and got an amazing pedicure at a local spa, thanks to a gift certificate from [ profile] antarcticlust. On the way back (it's conveniently just about a mile away), I saw some trash on the curb that included these signs from someone's wedding. It's the kind of detail I wouldn't bother with for our wedding, except they were free, so I grabbed them!

Found signs

To top it off, when I got home my wedding dress arrived! It's perfect - just like the picture and fits great. I'll just take the waist in a little before the wedding so that it shows off my figure more. I wasn't sure about shoes until I got it (ballet flats? heels? retro?) and these will be perfect with the tea length of the gown:

Later we explored some of City Creek Canyon, which is just about a mile away from us - the road is only open to cars certain days of the year, so it's mostly cyclists and walkers. We took the trail that runs parallel to the road 3 miles up and then walked back on the road - with the ups and downs of the trail it was almost 7 miles round trip. Not difficult, but beautiful scenery, with what foliage Utah has to offer and snow in the distant mountains.


City Creek Canyon

We got home and I was able to watch the Red Sox game that I had recorded. I was also cat sitting Oink this weekend, who continues to be objectively adorable.

Oink at the faucet

And yesterday I went for a 5 mile run in the morning - beautifully chilly weather for running - and then we went to a bar we hadn't tried yet to watch football. We found a nice section of the bar, where they put the Patriots on one tv, the Packers on the other, and some Saints fans were watching the third. My first Bloody Mary in SLC (and they free pour - pretty rare here!) and a 9.00 buffet for me to eat ALL THE PROTEIN after my run. Came home to take a nap and relax some more.

Now. Back to work!


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