Feb. 6th, 2014


Feb. 6th, 2014 10:07 am
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On Saturday we went down to the Humane Society to pick out a kitty!

First off, this Humane Society is the nicest I've ever seen (I've volunteered at a few). The cats are in "kitty city," a facility with three different living arrangements: large room with a central climbing structure that 5-6 cats freely roam around in (usually the 1-5 year old cats), living room style smaller rooms with open shelving for lounging and playing (where the older cats like to hang out, usually just 3 to a room - they even have tvs, which play fishtanks, birds, and other things cats like to watch!), and "townhouse" style "cages" which have cage doors, but are about 4 times the size of cages you would see in any other facility (for the kittens and cats that don't get along with other cats).

The shelter is not no-kill, but it is open admission (a lot of no-kill shelters are able to be that way because they do not accept all admissions) and even with that policy they still find homes for 98% of the animals - which if you consider 2% probably being unadoptable due to human cruelty, that is amazing!

We checked out the under 7 month old kittens (just three at the time), but were drawn to "Tia" - a 11 month old girl who was the most alert and observant cat in the room. She had been put in the townhouses because she was getting stressed being in a room with other cats and when we took her out you could tell the smell of other cats bothered her. But we really liked her sassiness - we wanted a smart, playful cat, and I was confident that the Humane Society environment just wasn't the best at showing off her potential and Nick trusted me because he liked her cleverness.

Being sassy:


We bought her (only 25 dollars since she was over 7 months - under 7 months are 70 dollars and over 5 years are free) and picked up some supplies at the pet store and within half an hour of being in our place she was like this:


Later that night:

1507139_10202087192913729_1232611383_n (1)


The next day:


"Meeting" Oink...


We are still working on a new name - dinosaur themed. My favorite right now is "Ankylosaurus" (Kylo for short).


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