Jan. 3rd, 2014

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Okay, going to make these "public" to be more accountable. The ultimate goal is to get my finances in order - which I have done before (know all the handy Suze Orman tricks - helped me pay off all my debt and buy a car back in 2006-2008)), so I know I need to 1) Cut spending; and 2) Create revenue - in order to pay down debt and feel like I have a safety net with a very unsure year ahead.

So, each month, one financial goal - some very specific and immediate (putting the hard ones at the beginning of the year when motivation is higher, the results can have exponential effects, and good habits have more time to continue). Some are really just about distracting myself with free things so I don't go out and spend money. Some goals are long term and/or about creating revenue - the sooner the dissertation is done the sooner I have a real job and secure income.

I'm already used to the poor graduate student lifestyle, so I'm not worried about the little things (I make my own coffee, plan my meals, go to matinees, find all the free events in town, repair rather than replace, don't go on vacations, don't pay for cable/landline/car/satellite radio/etc., use the public library, exercise at home/outdoors... you get the idea)

I'm giving myself August off, because, well, I'm honest with myself. Also, each month has a cheat.

January: Do not eat out. (cheat: gift cards, coupons/specials, if someone else pays, and up to two take-out meals allowed)

February: No alcohol at home. (cheat: if company is coming over)

March: Vegetarian breakfast and lunch. (cheat: leftover meat)

April: Make four Christmas presents and read four books. (cheat: can't see a reason to cheat on this one).

May: Apply for jobs. (cheat: also, can't see a reason to cheat on this one)

June: Have complete draft of dissertation. (cheat: can be done by end of month)

July: Do DIY wedding projects. (cheat: finding really good deals on used things counts)

August: Get married! (cheat: hopefully getting money as presents!)

September: Defend dissertation! (cheat: nope. not allowed on this one)

October: Apply for jobs. (cheat: ditto).

November: Write an article. (cheat: a book review at absolute minimum)

December: Finish making all Christmas gifts - no purchases. (cheat: Nick can have something store bought)


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